Bow Hunting in Namibia: The Best Bow Hunting in Africa

Eland is among the largest antelopes in Africa and is a challenging trophy to bag. They are difficult to stalk and can be very skittish. Typically, they are hunted through spot and stalk techniques. However, there are times when you might wish to bring the eland home in a different manner. Contact us to learn more about namibia hunting safari

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To be able to shoot a successful eland, you’ll need to possess several key traits, including a large caliber rifle, good shooting skills, and a fair amount of fitness. During an Eland hunt, you’ll find that you are often on foot and traveling far distances. It can be a difficult task, however, and you should always make sure that you’re prepared. 

In order to make the most of an eland hunt, you’ll want to learn how to properly stalk the animal. One way is to sit in the back of a truck with the tailgate open, and slowly drive by the eland’s location. This can be a very effective hunting method. 

You’ll also need to cover up your tracks and set up a shooting area. These areas can be very useful in ensuring that you get the best shots possible. During an eland hunt, you’ll often be walking for hours without ever seeing your quarry. If you’re unsure of the terrain, you may want to mark the spots where you expect the animal to be. 

Ideally, you’ll be able to use a 30-06 caliber rifle with a quick-pointing double rifle. When you’re aiming at a wounded eland, be careful not to hit the lung or heart, and wait for a full hour before you take your shot. 

Another important trick is to use a light bullet that can expand and penetrate deep. Although eland is not a particularly heavy animal, you’ll still need a hefty rifle to take them down. A 300-grain bullet will be a great choice. 

Eland is usually found in the scrubby veld, but they are capable of moving quickly. In addition, they can be incredibly sensitive. The best way to ensure that you’re on top of the game is to hunt in the early morning. Often, you’ll find that the animals will start looking for a cool place before noon. 

Eland is a very difficult animal to kill, and you may have to hunt them in a high-fenced reserve. Because of this, it is vital that you get the right advice from a professional. 

A large, thick horn is one of the main characteristics you’ll want to look for when hunting. Horns vary from bulls to females, but they need to have a decent length. Among other things, a horn must be adorned with prominent ridges. 

A large body is another reliable indicator of a mature animal. Moreover, a bulging neck is a common sign of a male eland’s maturity. Likewise, a bull that has a brush on its forehead is also a good indication of its age. 

Hunting a trophy eland can be a very rewarding experience, but you need to be ready for the challenge. You’ll want to bring plenty of supplies, especially a good scope.