Namibia Hunting Safari

Before you can go rifle hunting in Namibia, there are several things you need to know. You need to have the correct vaccinations and choose a rifle, cartridge, and battery. Here are some tips to help you. Vaccinations are important for both hunting and traveling. You should have a firearm that is registered for hunting in Namibia. Your hunting license must be valid in the country before you can go rifle hunting. Contact us to learn more about hunt africa namibia


If you are planning to go rifle hunting in Namibia, you should get vaccinated against rabies. The disease is caused by the greater kudu, which is the largest antelope in Africa. Namibia has been plagued by rabies twice since the 1970s. While rabies in Namibia is not yet a widespread problem, its recent occurrence calls for effective measures to protect the kudu population. In addition to rabies vaccination, you should also purchase an oral rabies vaccine.

Malaria is a risk in Namibia, but it is minimal compared to the severity of the disease. The vaccine may be required multiple days before, during, and after the trip. To ensure a successful trip, you should consult a doctor or travel clinic before taking malaria medication. Make sure you also bring a first aid kit and a valid passport. You will also need a blue entry form, which will provide the address of the hunting ranch.

Choosing a rifle

If you’re heading to Namibia for a hunt, choosing the right rifle is essential. Namibia’s habitat consists of shrub savanna and large semi-desert plains. Some areas are mountainous, which makes hunting more difficult. Also, the central plains are at relatively high altitudes, making them ideal for big game hunting. In addition, you’ll want to buy a rifle that can accurately fire more than one bullet per second.

Before you purchase a new rifle for rifle hunting in Namibia, you need to make sure you have a valid weapons permit and rifle license. You can obtain both at the airport upon arrival in Namibia. It’s also important to note that firearms with percussion caps and fully automatic mechanisms are not allowed. Namibian law also does not allow the import of handguns or automatic weapons, so be sure to study the laws before purchasing a rifle. Also, make sure the caliber of your rifle matches the caliber of the game it’s intended to kill.

Choosing a cartridge

Choosing a rifle and a cartridge for rifle hunting in Namibia is a critical step in your game hunting experience. There is a vast diversity of game in Africa, so the right cartridge will depend largely on the type of game you intend to hunt. For example, most plains game hunters will use a cartridge of.270 or higher, but African antelope requires a different caliber of rifle. You will also want to choose premium soft-nose ammunition, like Hornedy, Barnes X, or Nosler partition, and a good variable rifle scope. You should also note that handguns, automatic weapons, and solid-point cartridges are prohibited in Namibia.

The most popular rifle cartridge for rifle hunting in Namibia is the 7mm Magnum. The 7mm Magnum is a good choice for big game hunting because of its flatter trajectory and high ballistic coefficient. It also has moderate bullet weight, making it a great choice for shooting medium-game animals at ranges beyond 200 yards. Plains game safaris are also cheap, so many people opt for them. The good news is that most people already own a rifle suitable for these types of game animals.