In September, 2021, after a neighbor’s tractor backfired catching the end of the year dried grass on fire, nearly 80% of our 35,000 acres burnt. Where luscious, knee high, golden grass was meant to be, there were piles of dusty grey ash. Beautiful Mopani trees burnt to the ground. Fear of a lack of food for the animals that call this place home haunted us. But we had hope. After thorough exploring we found the grass in between the rocks on the top of the mountains were able to survive the fire. Few pockets in the valleys went unburnt, as if the flames decided to have mercy on the land. So long as the summer rains were on their way, we knew we could survive this unfortunate event.

But summer came and went, and so did the rain, without barely even a drizzle on our land.

And so, with nothing left to do, we closed our eyes and prayed, hoping with all our hearts that the clouds above holding the last bit of treasure for the rainy season would find our dried burnt land and release all its water.

With answered prayers, our misfortunes quickly turned around. Although we missed out on the early raining season, we are reveling in the late season showers. With cooler temperatures upon us, the rain that falls now is worth even more than the rain that falls during the summer months as the scorching summer sun is no longer a threat and the water has time to seep into the earth. Our grass is green, full, and tall. Where the ashes covered the ground, now the best grass can be found, full of nutrients that will help our animals grow and prosper. We have been blessed by a total of 250 ml of rain so far and look forward to the forecasts ahead.