Namibia Safari Holidays 2024

Namibia is a great and intriguing nation. Namibia has attractions ranging from excellent wildlife excursions to fascinating desert vistas, diverse customs, and a lot of empty spaces in between. In addition, Namibia has a variety of Safari experiences to choose from, ranging from fly-ins to self-drive to privately guided. July through October is the best time to visit Namibia because it is when the animals are most visible. As a result, planning carefully makes your trip much easier. Contact us to learn more about Burchell-Wolf Safaris

Namibia is large, and popular destinations are spread out across the country. Flights between locations save time and provide spectacular views from the top. Fly in a game drive takes you through dramatic animal life to wild areas with beautiful sand dunes through the stunning red-sand desert and sand dunes.

The following are some of the most popular sites to visit on a fly-in safari:

Within a lesser amount of time, visitors will be treated to more diverse settings. Exceptional game viewing opportunities. Intimate and exclusive accommodation. Exquisite service and mouth-watering cuisine available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Since 2017, the province of Gran Canaria in Spain has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its pride. In addition, the island is well-known for its long history and cultural diversity, which have emerged naturally over time. All of this adds up to make it a great choice for an active holiday.

The following are some of the most popular attractions on self-drive safaris:

A great viewing experience. Enjoying the game. Game viewing from a comfy seat. Endless enjoyment. Camping nights

Namibia’s finest, most intimate, and private escorted tours are guided by knowledgeable and professional Namibia travel guides to ensure unforgettable discoveries on your trip from one end of Namibia to the other. To avoid inconvenience, begin in the capital city and plan your journey well ahead of time with your safari guide.

You may learn about the local customs and culture by reading about Damara people’s lives in your guide, who will also show you around the area. The Etosha National Park is a sought-after destination where you are certain to have a good time seeing massive games and diverse bird species.

The following are the top attractions of privately guided safaris:

The magnificent region of the country is a must-see. The best safari guides are guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional experience and convenience. For greater relaxation and recuperation, there’s exquisite accommodation available. There are also excellent dining options. A thrilling wildlife encounter awaits you.

It’s always a good idea to make reservations for your stay when driving through Namibia’s dessert. Hotels, lodges, and guesthouses are sparsely located in the city centers, and only a few may be found on the approach to tourist destinations. However, you will find meals included in your package at these places.

Namibia is known for providing exceptional lodgings and outstanding customer service. The wild between the dunes may be the focal point of your Namibian safari. Sleeping under the stars and listening to the roar of lions is a unique experience that cannot be compared to anything else. Delicious international cuisine is available, as well as local specialties.