Namibia Hunting Safari

For those seeking the ultimate adventure, a hunting safari in the wilds of Africa is an experience like no other. The thrill of the tracking game, the breathtaking landscapes, and the connection with nature make it an unforgettable journey. One of the renowned names in the hunting safari industry is Burchell Wolf Safaris, located in the heart of Namibia. If you’re considering embarking on a hunting safari with them, one of the critical questions on your mind is likely to be, “What is the typical duration of a hunting safari with Burchell Wolf Safaris?” In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and take you through the thrilling experience offered by Burchell Wolf Safaris. Contact us to learn more about namibia hunting safaris.

The Ultimate Hunting Safari Experience 

Burchell Wolf Safaris is a respected hunting safari outfitter based in Outjo, Namibia. With a dedication to ethical and sustainable hunting practices, they offer an authentic and thrilling hunting safari experience. Their team of experienced professional hunters and trackers, along with an extensive knowledge of the local ecosystem, ensures a safari that is both challenging and rewarding. But before we delve into the typical duration of a hunting safari with Burchell Wolf Safaris, let’s briefly discuss what sets them apart. 

Ethical and Sustainable Hunting: Burchell Wolf Safaris is committed to ethical hunting, which means that they focus on selective hunting to maintain healthy populations of game species. This ensures the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem and a balanced wildlife population. 

Diverse Game Species: Namibia is home to a wide variety of game species, from the elusive leopards to the majestic kudus. Burchell Wolf Safaris offers the opportunity to hunt a diverse range of animals in different habitats, making each safari unique. 

Outstanding Accommodations: Guests can enjoy the comforts of well-appointed lodges and camps while being surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Namibia. The lodges are designed to offer relaxation and luxury after a day of exhilarating hunting. 

Typical Duration of a Hunting Safari 

Now, let’s address the core question: What is the typical duration of a hunting safari with Burchell Wolf Safaris? The duration of your hunting safari with them can vary depending on your preferences and the specific package you choose. Burchell Wolf Safaris offers several packages, including short and extended safaris, tailored to meet the needs of different clients. Typically, the duration ranges from 7 to 14 days, but longer safaris can be arranged for those seeking an even more extended adventure. 

7-Day Safari: A 7-day safari is a great introduction to the world of hunting in Namibia. It provides ample time to track and hunt several species and experience the beauty of the African wilderness. 

10-Day Safari: If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, the 10-day safari allows you to explore a broader range of habitats and target a wider variety of game species. 

14-Day Safari: For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the hunting experience and have the time to explore the landscapes of Namibia extensively, the 14-day safari offers a comprehensive adventure. 

Customized Safari Duration: Burchell Wolf Safaris understands that every client is unique, and they are willing to work with you to customize the duration of your safari according to your specific desires and hunting goals. 

The duration of the safari will also depend on factors such as the number of species you wish to hunt, the region you want to explore, and your personal preferences. It’s important to communicate your expectations and interests with Burchell Wolf Safaris, and they will help you tailor your safari accordingly. 


A hunting safari with Burchell Wolf Safaris promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Namibia’s wild landscapes. The typical duration of your safari can range from 7 to 14 days, with the possibility of customization to meet your unique preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a first-timer, Burchell Wolf Safaris provides the expertise and resources to ensure a safe, ethical, and exhilarating experience. 

To start your journey with Burchell Wolf Safaris, you can visit their website or contact them at (844) 299-3272, or reach out to their address at P.O. Box 7, Outjo, Namibia 21005. With their commitment to ethical hunting, the diverse game species of Namibia, and luxurious accommodations, your hunting safari with Burchell Wolf Safaris is bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.