Namibia Hunting Safari

When we think of Africa, the first things that spring to mind are:

  • Usually, the green vegetation.
  • Tall trees.
  • Foggy skies.
  • Outstanding tours in both East and Southern areas.
  • A mix of wildlife and culture.
  • Maybe the vast Sahara desert.
  • Namibia Plains game hunting package

Namibia is a dry nation and one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations, straddling the desert steppe and the Atlantic Ocean. It gives us many of these interests. Contact us to learn more about namibia safari hunting.

The following are the six best packages available to guarantee that everyone visiting Namibia has the finest experience possible.


Swakopmund, the country’s biggest seaside settlement, is one of Namibia’s most popular attractions. The ancient town located just by the border of the Namib Desert tells intriguing tales of German colonialism from 1884 to 1915. The atmosphere is practically identical, as the town still has German signage, architecture, cuisine (pork schnitzel and bratwurst), and an annual German Oktoberfest celebration.


A safari in Kaokoland in the nine-day package is ideal for visitors looking to enhance their chance of seeing extreme environments, unique Namibian culture, or even harsh nature. The tour includes an opportunity to learn more about the semi-nomadic Himba Tribe in Kaokoland. Other sites to visit under the package include Epupa Falls (where tourists can take part in bird-watching, river rafting, and canoeing or scenic hikes), Sossusvlei (for viewing the highest Dune in the world and other desert features), Damaraland (special for first-class wildlife viewing) and a visit Etosha National Park. The vast Etosha pan, which features both natural and man-made attractions, is a geographic feature that will undoubtedly delight any visitor to Namibia.


Namibia fly-in safari includes Big Daddy, Damaraland, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Elim Dune, Etosha National Park, Sesriem Canyon, Sossusvlei, Twyfelfontein, and Windhoek, among its must-see attractions.


The 7-day luxurious fly-in safari for private tourists is a seven-day journey through the desert, dunes, and wildlife. Under the package, visitors will see stunning vistas of diverse desert settings while on their trip to “the sea of dunes.” The sun burns your skin, but you feel cool as the sand drifts away. Before leaving Sossusvlei, the dunes in Namib Naukluft Park and the searing midday heat are worth seeing. From Sossusvlei, visitors may travel to the Skeleton Coast to see historic diamond mines, vessels, dunes, and the bay’s gemstone beaches.


The Sossusvlei fly-in safari is a three-day excursion that includes access to eight sites, including Big Daddy, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Elim Dune, Namib Desert, Sesriem Canyon, and Windhoek. For guests on a tight schedule, the package allows them to see the Namib Desert’s features, including the world’s tallest dunes (almost 400 meters tall), deadpan, and Dune 45, among others.


The Etosha Fly-in safari excursion takes place in Namibia’s north, and it includes a three-day game drive from and back to Windhoek. It’s ideal for tourists who want to see most of the country on a limited schedule. The area is a haven for wildlife, with nearly 250 species of birds, numerous reptiles and amphibians, as well as endangered fish in the lakes. With the precise flight to Etosha National Park, tourists will be treated to stunning scenery and a variety of animals. This itinerary is flexible, and additional days can be added if you still wish to see more wild nature, limitless horizons, harsh environments, and the unique beauty of Namibia’s desert.