Namibia Safaris

The ideal hunting spot for novices experienced veterans, and non-hunters alike is Namibia Safaris. In our completely safe, progressive, and hunter-friendly nation on the coast of southwestern Africa, we provide a comprehensive selection of exciting alternatives for hunters, spectators, and the whole family. Of course, you’ll want to return to our African paradise once you’ve had a taste of the great hunting, which is why we offer various packages that allow you to enjoy your Namibia trip over and over. The majority of Hunters Namibia visitors are returning clients. Contact us to learn more about safari namibia.

Our private hunting domain is 80 square miles of untainted wilderness inhabited entirely by free-ranging game – no domestic cattle or ‘camps.’ There are two adjacent properties, which total another 40 square miles. For big game hunters and wing-shooting enthusiasts, there are 23 species of huntable game and an amazing variety of migratory birds (depending on the season). You’ll be able to observe and photograph a variety of new species. You may anticipate encountering at least 500 game heads each day while hunting, allowing you to target your efforts very precisely. Over 90%

Hunters Namibia Safaris also provides bespoke, customized photographic, sightseeing, and fishing excursions throughout Namibia in addition to our already legendary hunts. The Namib Desert, the mysterious Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund, Namibia’s beautiful colonial seaside resort, Windhoek, Damaraland’s Desert Elephant, the Himba people of Kaokoland’s game-rich Etosha Park, and the Caprivi Strip’s surprising tropical beauty are among the stops. As selected, a personalized journey can be taken in either a chartered private jet or a comfortable, air-conditioned car. On these exclusive excursions, a personal guide will accompany you.

The distinction is in our genuine passion for wildlife, local communities, and the environment: we have spent almost 30 years on our fantastic private Camelthorn Kalahari property, and our clients’ comments, as well as the high proportion of returning guests, attest to our mastery of the safari. In addition, we frequently get the opportunity to host two and three generations of families at Hunters Namibia Safaris, where we pass on our hunting and conservation heritage. We are proud of our beautiful, game-rich, and diverse ecosystem in eastern Namibia, which incorporates selective, ethical, and sustainable trophy hunting as Africa’s ultimate conservation success.

We look forward to sharing it with our distinguished international clients.

Soon, we look forward to having you join us in Namibia, which is a breathtaking place and affordable Namibia hunting safari packages.