Why Choose Namibia for your Guided African Wildlife Safari tour?

Namibia is one of the world’s least densely inhabited countries, making it an ideal destination for a customized Namibia luxury wildlife safari.

Namibia is home to the Himba people and the Koi San tribe. Namibia’s rock art is estimated to be 6000 years old, making it one of Africa’s most intriguing historical locations. Contact us to learn more about hunting namibia safari

A ten-day Namibia adventure is ideal, according to us. The highlights of our 10-day Namibia excursion are game drives in Etosha National Park, a tour of the Skeleton Coast National Park to see the shipwrecks, and culminating at Swakopmund, followed by The Namib-Naukluft, National Park on route to Sossusvlei. At Sossusvlei, you would see the actual Namib Desert. The world’s oldest desert is well-known for its petrified trees and steep dune sand flats. You then return to Windhoek Airport, where you’ll be catching your next flight.

The term ‘safari’ comes from the Arabic word for journey. The word “Safari” has come to be associated with a luxurious wildlife-watching tour in Europe and the United States. However, a Namibian safari is more than just a magnificent wildlife viewing experience; it is also a journey. Let us take you on an amazing guided Namibian Safari, a journey through the country that will take you to see its landscapes, wildlife, and people.

Another attraction to add to your Namibia trip and Safari is visiting the Diamond Ghost Town of Kolmanskop. After spending the night in Aus, the birthplace of purebred desert horses, you’ll travel west to Luderitz, a picturesque but weather-beaten town.

On a custom-made escorted Namibia safari, the ideal approach to see the country is, without a doubt. This is due to the distance between Namibia’s points of interest. Our Namibia trip operator utilizes a Toyota Landcruiser that has been specifically designed for private guided Namibia excursions. On a luxury Namibia Safari, you may travel around in your vehicle with a capacity of up to six individuals. We will never combine your party with other people. Private Safari implies private Safari.

Starting your tailor-made Namibia safari holiday: Getting to Namibia

Getting to Namibia has never been easier. Although Namibia is off the beaten path, it is well connected to Europe and the United States by Kutoka Hosea International Airport.

Your Private Namibia Luxury Wildlife Safari Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Meet your Namibian Safari Guide and Driver.

Arrive at Windhoek Airport and settle in at the Rivendell guest house. Close to the heart of town, on a quiet side street. Get ready for your NAMIBIA SAFARI driver/tour guide and meet them outside.

Day 2 – Namibia Safari Game Drive through Etosha National Park

Day 3 – At Etosha National Park, you may see more Namibian safari wildlife.

Day 4: Take a tour of the World Heritage Site and discover its fascinating history.

Day 5 – Tailor-Made for You Tour of Swapokmund

Day 6 – Traveling to Sossusvlei via Solitaire allows you to appreciate the beauty of Namibia’s Safari Landscapes.

Day 7 – Namib Desert Tour, Experience the World-Famous Dunes

Day 8 – Drive back to Namib Naukluft Park and continue to Aus.

Day 9 – The Final Day of Your Custom-Made Namibia Safari Itinerary