Namibia Hunting Safari

Namibia is a dream destination for a custom-made safari tour, with its wide selection of diverse activities, terrains, ecosystems, and hunting Namibia wildlife viewing locations.

You may design your safari using our bespoke excursions to match your specific interests, necessities, and budget.

We can either arrange for you to hire your vehicle and self-drive around some of Namibia’s most popular destinations, or we can book a guided customized safari where an experienced guide takes care of everything.

Our dedicated travel specialists can assist you in creating an itinerary and a list of residences to ensure that you receive precisely what you want. Namibia’s natural beauty and majesty will take care of the rest. Contact us to learn more about hunting in africa

Discover Namibia your way in 2022

Namibia has a plethora of things to see and do, from the vast sandy beach of the Namib Desert and the iconic dunes of Sossusvlei to the beautiful Skeleton Coast and tropical waterways of the Caprivi Strip. With some of Africa’s finest national parks, Namibia caters to everyone.

With a custom itinerary crafted by our tailor-made specialist staff, you can see what you want to see when you want to see it – visiting all of Namibia’s top national parks and excursions into the bush and local customs – at your own pace. If you want to combine Botswana with your Namibia holiday in 2022, we can create a dream multi-country itinerary for you.

Tailor-Made Travel

Getting the most out of your trip to Namibia depends on seeing the things you really want to see. Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible on pre-booked or organized trips. That’s why, for our clients who are visiting the nation, we provide bespoke travel experiences.

We enjoy designing safaris that include everything you want from a Namibian holiday. We work hard to guarantee that our clients receive the African vacation of their dreams.

Custom-made travel is the best alternative for those who want to see Namibia at their own pace.

Why choose a tailor-made travel trip with Burchell-Wolf Safaris?

It’s Personalised

You will be connected with a member of our team once you have contacted us about a custom-made travel package. We’ll then be able to find out what you want for your holiday and any special desires you may have. We take care of all the logistics from start to finish. Every element of your holiday will be planned around the things you’ve requested us, and we will do everything possible to meet all of your demands and expectations while on vacation.

It’s Convenient

The wonderful thing about a customized holiday is that you need to put very little work into making it a success. So instead, we will book, quote, and plan your trip down to the tiniest of details, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than which cocktail you’ll have next while watching the sunset.


Traveling at your speed is an excellent approach to seeing Namibia, and customized travel allows you to do just that. Our departure and arrival times are flexible, and if you fall in love with a location and don’t want to leave, we can extend your stay. Doing things at your own pace allows you to get the most out of the places you truly love.