How to Prepare Trip to Namibia

If you are planning a road trip through Namibia, you’ll want to be well prepared for the trip. This article will show you how to pack for a self drive road trip, how to bring a baby in a papoose, and what to pack for a visit to Etosha game reserve. While Namibia is relatively safe, you’ll still want to use common sense.

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Be sure to lock your hotel room and car when you’re not using it. Be aware that Namibia can have chilly winter nights, so pack a warm windproof jacket or sweater.

Traveling with a baby in a papoose

While travel with a baby in a papooses is completely possible, it is important to take several safety precautions, especially when traveling with a newborn. The country lacks pavements and has few amenities, such as restrooms. Most lodgings offer discounts for children up to age 12, and many offer free stays for children under six. Some hotels and lodges even have children’s menus. Namibia offers many activities for babies and toddlers, but be aware that some activities, such as ballooning and hiking, are not recommended for those under certain heights or age.

Packing for a self-drive road trip

To prepare for your Namibia self-drive road trip, make sure you’ve brought along the essentials. Fortunately, the country is relatively safe, with few road blocks. While traveling through Namibia, remember to close gates; if you don’t, you may find yourself being stopped by locals for searching their livestock. Having a valid international driver’s license is important, too. Pack your camera, charger, and other essential items for the road ahead.

Getting to Namibia

If you’re planning to visit Namibia, there are some things you need to know before you start your journey. Namibia has a well-developed immigration and customs system, and a vehicle is not usually needed to enter. Passport holders must have at least six months remaining validity. A return ticket or onward ticket is also required. You will not need a visa for Namibia, but you should check your passport and visa requirements before leaving for the country.

In general, you can enter Namibia without a visa but make sure you have the right travel documents, as well as a return ticket or other travel documentation. A Namibian visa is also issued upon arrival at the border. You must make sure you have a valid passport and a valid visa before crossing the border, as border officials make mistakes.

Visiting Etosha Game Reserve

The length of a visit to the Etosha game reserve in Namibia will depend on your interests and time availability. Although a minimum of two days is required, a three or four-day stay is ideal. The park is home to several endangered species, and a good way to get a full appreciation of the wildlife is by hiring a local guide to show you around. Visiting Etosha in Namibia should be a highlight of your vacation to the country.

Getting a driver’s license

Driving in Namibia is as safe as it is in the US or Europe. The roads are empty and the traffic is light, so you will likely not have any trouble driving. There are 37 registering authorities throughout Namibia, some of which are local. However, the majority are managed by the RA. Therefore, if you want to drive in Namibia, it is important to get your license before your trip.