Is Lodging Included In The Day Fee At Burchell-Wolf Safaris?

When planning a hunting trip, there are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is the cost of lodging. Many hunting outfitters offer package deals that include accommodations, meals, and other amenities, but Burchell-Wolf Safaris works a little differently. One question that often arises is whether the lodging is included in the day fee at Burchell-Wolf Safaris. In this article, we will explore the answer to this question in detail.

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Firstly, let’s take a closer look at what the day fee includes. The day fee at Burchell-Wolf Safaris includes the hunter’s fee, which is $300 for a 1×1 hunt. This means that the hunter will have a professional guide with them throughout the hunt, providing them with the necessary guidance and support. Additionally, there is an observer fee of $180 for non-hunters who want to accompany the hunter on the hunt. This fee includes transportation to and from the hunting area, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring that everyone is well-fed and taken care of.

Now, coming to the main question, lodging is indeed included in the day fee at Burchell-Wolf Safaris. This means that hunters and their observers will have a comfortable place to stay each night, without any additional charges. The lodging provided by Burchell-Wolf Safaris is a traditional safari camp that is designed to provide all the necessary comforts while still maintaining the essence of the African bush. The accommodations are clean and comfortable, with ensuite bathrooms and hot showers. The tents are furnished with comfortable beds, and guests are provided with fresh linens and towels daily, ensuring that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

In addition to lodging, the day fee at Burchell-Wolf Safaris also includes all meals and beverages. Guests can expect to be served a hearty breakfast before heading out for the day’s hunt, ensuring that they are energized and ready for the day ahead. Lunch is usually packed in a cooler box so that hunters can enjoy a meal while out in the bush, providing them with the sustenance they need to continue hunting. Dinner is served back at camp and consists of a three-course meal that is freshly prepared by the camp chef. House beer and wine are also included in the day fee, which means that guests can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while relaxing around the campfire after a long day of hunting, providing them with the perfect opportunity to unwind and reflect on the day’s events.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the day fee at Burchell-Wolf Safaris also includes transportation to and from Outjo. This means that guests will be picked up from Outjo and driven to the safari camp, and the same service will be provided on the day of departure. This is a great convenience for guests who are not familiar with the area or who may not have their own transportation, ensuring that they can travel to and from the camp with ease and without any additional expenses.

In conclusion, Burchell-Wolf Safaris provides guests with an all-inclusive experience that includes lodging, meals, and transportation, ensuring that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With all of these amenities included in the day fee, guests can focus on what really matters – the hunt! Whether you are an experienced hunter or a first-timer, Burchell-Wolf Safaris provides you with the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of the hunt while enjoying all the comforts of a traditional safari camp.