Namibia Hunting Safari

Namibia is a distinct variety of desert-enduring species that call the sparse terrain home. Namibia also offers one of the world’s smallest population clusters, making it an excellent option for a luxury safari. Contact us to learn more about hunting namibia

Namibia is a dreamlike, perplexing country about the size of Germany. It’s on Africa’s southwest shore, where thrilling safari activities await you in what feels like the middle of nowhere. Most luxury lodges are remote, giving spectacular vistas and privacy.

Rhino Africa is here to help. We’re the World’s Leading Safari Company, and we specialize in premium excursions to the most isolated regions of Africa. We’ll create a luxurious safari in Namibia based on your preferences, utilizing our own experience. Furthermore, we’ll look after all of the little details that make a luxury holiday enjoyable.

Namibia is ideal for you if you want to escape the crowds and your own four walls while still exploring some of Africa’s most remote areas without sacrificing high thread count or ice-cold G&T.

Namibia’s unique landscape is home to a surprisingly diverse array of animals. As a result, there’s a lot to see, from four of the world’s Big 5 to the renowned Oryx antelope and the planet’s largest cheetah population.

Furthermore, these animals have evolved to be desert-adapted and seem to endure and flourish in even the most severe climates. It’s fascinating to watch.

Skeleton Coast National Park’s coast is dotted with Great White-spotted Sand Dunes, a stunning white beach, and a seal colony that boasts one of the world’s biggest breeding colonies of the amusing Cape fur seals.

The tiny creatures, too, need your attention (and respect), like the darkling beetle that stands on its head, quenching its thirst with the early morning fog.

However, suppose you’re visiting Namibia for the full experience rather than just seeing animals. In that case, the landscapes will inspire any blocked artist and be a source of inspiration for every poet who wishes to create their finest sonnets.

Sossusvlei is the world’s oldest sand dune. It’s in the Namib-Naukluft Park and is highly visited by tourists. However, Big Daddy, the tallest dune at about 325 meters, will make you feel insignificant! These dunes are only an hour’s drive from the Sesriem Gate of the Nam.

At daybreak, when the tips are coated with a golden glow against the pale hues of the clay pans at their bottom, the dunes are best seen.

Climbing Big Daddy, one of the world’s tallest dunes is a highlight. Then, for a unique experience, go on a sunrise hot air balloon flight over Sossusvlei to see it from above! We can provide you with an unforgettable luxury safari trip like no other, regardless of how you want to explore Sossusvlei.

The formerly vast inland sea, which is now a wildlife preserve, was known as the Etosha Pan. During the summer, when the surface of the pan is covered with a thick crust of algae, it attracts flocks of birds. As a result, more than 340 species have been discovered in the park, including many different sorts of eagles.

The park’s vegetation is beautiful. It provides food for a variety of animals while also protecting endangered species like the black rhino, black-faced impala, and tsessebe antelope.

Because of the dry season, Etosha’s limited water resources are clogged with competing animals. As a result, this is also an excellent time for game drives and wildlife photography, owing to the restricted water supplies. A private charter flight from Windhoek allows easy access to the park.