Road Trip in Namibia

Namibia is a treasure in southern Africa. It’s a young nation frequently overshadowed by its southern neighbor, South Africa (since 1990). Namibia’s Namib Desert, which is considered to be the world’s oldest, is located there. We chose to do most of the heavy lifting (driving) at the start of our trip, which meant that we would see most of the sights after returning south to South Africa (hence we traveled north to Windhoek, west to Swakopmund, south to Sossusvlei, then back across Namibia. Contact us to learn more about Burchell Wolf Safaris

On the B1, you’ll travel through Namibia’s border to Namibia and all the way to Windhoek (about 1000 kilometers). When you leave South Africa, the roads are straight, the terrain is flat, and settlements are few, and it’s challenging to figure out why.

When you get to Windhoek, allow yourself time to relax and perhaps stay for a day or two to explore the Namibian capital.

The stretch from Windhoek to Swakopmund is only 364 kilometers and takes less than an hour. Swakopmund is a lovely seaside town that is tiny, charming, and restful. Our stay at the Sea Breeze Guest was fantastic. You’ll find beautiful sand dunes, sandboard surfing, and quad biking on the sand dunes in the area. There are several operators in the region, but our trip with Namibia Desert Explorers experience was excellent. Namibia luxury safari like no other!

The Little Sossus Lodge provided comfort and excursions to Sossusvlei. The trip to Sossusvlei in the morning was stunning. You feel as if you’re on Mars when you look out over the red sand dunes and strange surroundings. The sun illuminates one side of the dunes to a brilliant crimson hue, while the other is a deep black shadow.

The Acacia trees at Sossusvlei are ancient, having survived centuries of drought. It is discouraged to climb these trees because they cannot support much weight, and it is inconsiderate of future travelers to the region. In July and August, you may often observe a springbok foraging for food in this region and numerous insect types. Wear shoes with socks when trekking on the dunes, especially if you intend to walk. Also, don’t miss out on the “Sundowner” drive that Little Sossus provides to its guests. You are driven to the side of a mountain with drinks and food, where you may watch the sunset over Namibia’s countryside. It is magnificent.

Continue on your journey south to Kolmanskop, a small abandoned diamond-mining hamlet 450 kilometers south of Sossusvlei that is well worth seeing. In most buildings, sand drifts nearly reach the ceilings, shards of glass scattered across the floor, and paint that has flaked off from the walls. Access to the site is free, although there were not many visits overall. It’s fascinating to observe how nature has taken back the entire region bit by bit. Use caution while visiting this location, but take some time to appreciate it or what is left of it.

Whatever method you choose to break up this journey, the views you’ll encounter will be well worth it.