Safari Tours in Namibia

As one of the most secure, simple to travel, and least terrifying places on the continent, Namibia welcomes visitors new to Africa with its lush wilderness, vast and magnificent sceneries, and pleasant and accommodating people that offer luxury Namibia safari tours!

That isn’t to say it isn’t worth a second look; the country’s enormous red dunes, fascinating Skeleton Coast, fantastic wildlife viewing, endless starry skies, and delicious cuisine will entice you to return again if it is your first time. What a truly wonderful place to start. Contact us to learn more about hunting Namibia safaris.

Namibia, the world’s oldest desert and the country’s namesake is bordered by the Skeleton Coast dotted with ancient maritime corpses and the moving yet breathtaking dead tree valleys of Sossusvlei. The magnificent inland mountain range that leads to Fish River Canyon is a sight to see. It’s challenging to think of another African nation where nature is so well preserved.

Furthermore, this nation’s stunning natural beauty and untouched wildness only enhance the breathtaking daily views you’ll encounter: that being said, the animals.

Namibia has some of Africa’s greatest areas, and it’s no surprise that it is home to numerous species of game. Whether you see desert-adapted elephants in watering holes at Etosha National Park, Damaraland, or doing one of Namibia’s other regions on an adventure,

Namibia’s history is both intriguing and attractive, even though it isn’t as gorgeous as its environment. Museums, architectural wonders, and desolate desert outposts all tell Namibia’s complicated past and terrifying history. When a glacier passed overtop and dug into the ground, depositing its debris, the formations that may be observed today were created. The stones themselves offer up a narrative of prior European involvement. The history of the San, Southern Africa’s first people, and their art may be found in Twyfeltontein’s rock paintings and carvings.

Namibia’s two most popular tourist destinations, Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, are home to two enormous pans. While they are both stunning in their own way, the isolation will make you believe otherwise once you arrive there.

Sossusvlei, the gateway to Namibia’s ancient and arid Namib Sand Sea, is characterized by an otherworldly landscape of towering sand dunes permanently molded by the shifting winds and illuminated by the setting and rising of the sun. With its white, sandy beaches and bright colors, the Deadvlei is a popular holiday destination.

The Fish River Canyon is the most stunning sight in all of Africa, bar none; it’s the continent’s longest canyon and one of its most profound. It’s also home to a trove of unexplored attractions, with an abundance of isolated sights and experiences to discover in this little-known corner of Namibia that only a few people have seen.

The Fish River Canyon, which measures 160 kilometers in length, has a width of up to 27 kilometers and depths of up to 550 meters.

To gain a perspective of its sheer size, head to one of the lookouts, which can be reached within a two-hour hike. However, an unforgettable way to experience this natural wonder is on a multiple-day trek that traverses over half of this great canyon, something our Local Designers in Namibia will be happy to organize for you.