Namibia Hunting Safari

The Namib Desert, for example, is an area of stunning beauty that is so unique that it’s difficult to describe. The Namib Desert will alter the way you look at your surroundings and perceive freedom and space. It will redefine your notion of distance and latitude, leaving you with recollections of a fantastic safari. Namibia is a road trip country at its best; vast, wild, passionate, and importantly safe, friendly, and welcoming. Wildlife is spread thinly in this desert environment, and you will gain a new appreciation for the importance of water and how incredibly adaptive nature can be. Namibia’s crown jewel is Etosha National Park, which I believe to be the finest game viewing in Southern Africa. Its waterholes support a huge abundance of species and provide some of the best views of magnificent creatures anywhere in the wild for self-driving tourists. Contact us to learn more about namibia safari

Namibia’s spectacular scenery and remote, other-worldly beauty are legendary. It attracts visitors worldwide, seeking the solitude and distinctive feeling of desolation that it is known for. However, there’s a lot more to Namibia than meets the eye, especially if you’re searching for a different kind of family vacation.

Namibia is one of the most amazing countries on earth, with plenty of activities to participate in. Families with kids and their relatives and friends will find that Namibia has something for everyone. “The more, the merrier” applies here.

Namibia is chock-full of peculiar animals, from the dancing white lady spider that rolls down dunes to avoid harm to the shovelnose lizard that literally swims through the sand. You’ve got the little people hooked with ground squirrels, screaming geckos, meerkats, and the ubiquitous gemsbok that can withstand the desert.

Apart from the unusual desert creatures, typical animal species are also present and correct, appropriately adapted to the desert circumstances, making them distinct and “cool.” As a result, the experience is never boring, from black rhino and elephant to lion and cheetah.

Then there is the terrain… These are massive, stunning, and demanding investigations. But, no matter where you go—whether it’s Sossusvlei’s towering red dunes or Damaraland’s ancient organ pipe‐like rock formations and petrified forests—running wild in the great outdoors is the way to go.

There are also many wow elements to amaze little minds ‐ fragile ecosystems teeming with fascinating life that has evolved to survive in one of the world’s most challenging climates, primordial plants that have survived the ages, and ancient civilizations that have adapted to living where no other humans have could survive.

You can do a lot, and you might accomplish even more, from a sea safari in Swakopmund, which teaches you about pelagic birds, cape fur seals, and the chilly Benguela current’s marine ecosystems, to quad biking across the dunes. Attach sandboards; hot-air ballooning is another option.