We believe that Namibia’s wide-open spaces and awe-inspiring landscapes make this the perfect destination for those seeking nature’s inspiration and healing power during these uncertain times. Our camps are small and exclusive, set within large, pristine wilderness areas, and offer our guests the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world, themselves, and their families” – Wilderness Safaris Namibia MD, Alexandra Margull. 

Sustainability as philosophy

Wilderness Safari in Namibia or in English Safari in Namibia has always strived to ensure that southern Africa’s most pristine wilderness and wildlife areas are conserved. At the same time as delivering a wonderful experience for guests through its camps and safaris, it is sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities. In Namibia, their camps take in the country’s most beautiful places, from the enormous dunes of Sossusvlei to the unique wildlife of the Skeleton Coast and the stark beauty of Damaraland. For more information, visit our website burchellwolfsafaris.com/

Today, they remain dedicated to pioneering authentic and sustainable ecotourism in Namibia (and everywhere else where the company operates) and playing a meaningful role in the biodiversity protection of pristine wilderness areas. This forms part of the company’s commitment to its sustainability ethos of Commerce, Community, Culture, and Conservation.

Green at heart

With a renewed focus on enhanced traveler experiences that amplify the solitude of the desert, Namibia offers a fresh interpretation of mindful travel. If you are looking for a sustainable stay in Namibia, any one of the Wilderness Safaris’ accommodation options will do. You can also book for a Namibia self-drive safari car tour.