Namibia Hunting Safari

If you are planning a hunting safari with Burchell-Wolf Safaris in Outjo, Namibia, it is important to bring the right clothing to ensure a comfortable and successful trip. Hunting in Africa can be a unique and challenging experience, and having the proper clothing is essential to ensure you are protected from the elements and able to move freely and quietly. Contact us to learn more about hunting in africa

Here is a guide to the type of clothing you should bring on your hunting trip with Burchell-Wolf Safaris:

Outfit for arrival/departure of safari It is important to have a comfortable and practical outfit for your arrival and departure from the safari. This could be a pair of comfortable pants and a T-shirt or a lightweight jacket, depending on the time of year.

Sleeve hunting shirts

Long-sleeved hunting shirts are important for protecting your arms from the sun, thorns, and insect bites. It is also a good idea to choose shirts that are moisture-wicking and breathable to help keep you cool and dry during the day.

Sleeve hunting shirts

Short-sleeved hunting shirts are great for hotter days or for layering under a jacket or sweater. Make sure to choose a lightweight and durable material that will hold up to the rigors of the hunt.


T-shirts can be a great option for wearing around camp or during downtime. Make sure to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or moisture-wicking synthetic materials.


Shorts are a great option for warmer days or for hunting in areas with dense vegetation. Look for shorts made of durable materials, such as cotton or synthetic blends, and choose a neutral color, such as khaki or olive, to help you blend in with your surroundings.

Long pants

Long pants are important for protecting your legs from the sun, thorns, and insects. Choose lightweight, breathable materials that are quick-drying and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable during the day.

Underwear Bring at least four sets of underwear to ensure you have enough for the duration of your trip. Choose comfortable and breathable materials, such as cotton or moisture-wicking synthetic blends.

Thick wool socks

Thick wool socks are essential for keeping your feet warm and dry during cold mornings and nights. Look for socks made of merino wool or other natural fibers, as they will help regulate temperature and prevent blisters.

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is important for colder days or for early morning hunts. Look for lightweight and moisture-wicking materials that will keep you warm and dry.

Sweatsuit for around camp

A comfortable sweatsuit can be a great option for relaxing around camp after a long day of hunting. Choose a lightweight and breathable material that is comfortable to wear and easy to move in.

In addition to the above items, it is also important to bring a sturdy pair of hunting boots, a wide-brimmed hat or cap, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. It is also a good idea to bring a lightweight rain jacket or poncho in case of inclement weather.

Overall, when planning your hunting safari with Burchell-Wolf Safaris in Outjo, Namibia, make sure to pack clothing that is comfortable, durable, and appropriate for the climate and terrain. By preparing ahead of time and bringing the right clothing, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable hunting experience in Africa.