Namibia Hunting Safari

Burchell-Wolf Safaris is a renowned hunting company located in the beautiful city of Outjo, Namibia. With its vast and wild landscapes, the company offers an unforgettable hunting experience for rifle and bow hunters alike. But what kind of hunting methods do they use to make the most out of the experience? In this article, we’ll delve into the different hunting methods used by Burchell-Wolf Namibia Hunting Safaris. Contact us to learn more about hunting namibia safari

Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is one of the most popular methods used in hunting expeditions. Burchell-Wolf Safaris allows hunters to shoot off their price list, which means you can take the opportunity when it arises, instead of being committed to a specific package. A professional hunting guide will take you on a guided hunt across the 30,000-acre wilderness concession. The terrain is both challenging and diverse, from lowlands to Mopane forested mountains. The professional hunters are trained to track animals and will guide you through the thick bush to make sure you get the best shot.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is becoming increasingly popular among hunting enthusiasts. Burchell-Wolf Safaris allows bow hunters to take advantage of the thick bush and mountainous terrain, which lends itself to a successful archery experience. The Etosha Conservancy is an ideal spot for bow hunting, with each of the ten waterholes having a ground blind and a couple of tree stands, giving the archer a great opportunity to hunt trophies for the books. The professional guides will help you navigate the terrain and track the animals, ensuring that you get the perfect shot.

Stalk Hunting

Stalk hunting, also known as still hunting, is a challenging but rewarding method used by Burchell-Wolf Safaris. This method requires patience, as it involves silently tracking an animal to get within shooting distance. The professional hunting guides at Burchell-Wolf Safaris are experienced in tracking animals through diverse and challenging terrain. They will help you to find the perfect spot and give you time to aim and take the shot.

Wing Shooting

Wing shooting is a unique method of hunting that requires a keen eye and quick reflexes. At Burchell-Wolf Safaris, there are many opportunities for wing shooting, with outstanding wing shooting opportunities available for bird enthusiasts. The thick grass in the valleys and waterholes throughout the area allows bird enthusiasts to find exceptional wing shooting. Flush Guinea hens and Franklin grouse in the morning, and head over to the watering hole where 50 doves in an afternoon are typical. Wait until sunset and prepare for the attack of the Sand Grouse pitching into the water ten at a time.


Burchell-Wolf Safaris offers a variety of hunting methods for hunters to choose from. Whether you prefer rifle or bow hunting, stalk hunting, or wing shooting, there’s something for everyone. The professional guides at Burchell-Wolf Safaris are highly experienced and will guide you through diverse and challenging terrain to ensure that you have the best hunting experience possible. So, come and experience the thrill of hunting with Burchell-Wolf Safaris, and create unforgettable memories in the beautiful landscapes of Namibia.